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River Fishing 

Ogwen Valley Angling Association provides two main river beats each of approximately 2 miles in length double bank fishing. A relatively short river at 7 miles in length, it provides good sea trout fishing throughout with a strong run of salmon and grilse salmon.

Upper section

The river begins at Llyn Ogwen and descends rapidly down the Ogwen Falls which is full of small pools, this is the only part of the river populated solely by the wild brown trout, in the rest of the river it has the salmon and sea trout for company.

After reaching the floor of the valley the river slows dramatically as it winds its way down this part of the valley, locally this area is known as ‘the Marddwr’. Here there are many deep pools where the salmon and sea trout hide awaiting their time to spawn in the clean gravel of the main river or to venture up the many small streams that flow into the main river. A stealthy approach is required here as there is little cover.

The first part of the association’s waters on the river comes to an end where the river flows under Ty’n y Mase Bridge. No fishing is allowed on this part of the river after September 30. The fish that are in this part of the river by this time have had quite a journey and have been in the river for many months.

Lower section

The second half of the Association’s waters on the river begin from the bridge below Ogwen Bank caravan park (Pont y Twr), from here the river makes it’s way past the football field and the village of Bethesda where there is a good mixture of small and large pools and fast runs.

As the river leaves Bethesda it once again slows as it passes Dol Ddafydd and Dol Goch where there are long slow pools that come into their own as the season progresses before reaching Coetmor Bridge.

From Coetmor Bridge to Halfway Bridge are arguably some of the best and most popular pools on the river, but this is also where the going gets tougher for the angler but the effort could be well rewarded on ther right day and conditions. The Association’s waters on the river end as it flows under Halfway Bridge.

Fly fishing is the favoured method for brown trout and sea trout with evenings, dusk and darkness being most productive depending on your quarry. Spinning is the favoured approach for salmon.

Lower section of the Ogwen river

A4 Ogwen Lower Section.jpg

Popular salmon pools

  1. LLyn Gro 

  2. Cafn 

  3. Llyn Ddol

  4. Llyn Weiren

  5. Llyn Dderwen

  6. Llyn dan bont

  7. Llyn Dan Cob

  8. Llyn wern

  9. Llyn Cheini

  10. Llyn Felin

  11. Llyn Caffi

  12. Llyn Cerrig Melyn

  13. Llyn Douglas

  14. Llyn Caseg

  15. Llyn Gornel 

Upper section of Ogwen river

A4 Upper Section.jpg
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