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Club Rules

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1  The waters available for fishing are the four lakes  - Ogwen, Bochlwyd, Idwal and Ffynnon Lloer and those parts of the river Ogwen that lie between Pont y Pandy, Halfway Bridge and Pontwr and from Pont Ceunant, Tŷ’n y Maes to Ogwen Lake including all the tributaries that fall into these parts of the river.


2  The minimum and maximum size of fish allowed to be caught and kept measured from snout to fork of tail are as follows:-

  Trout       – Minimum Eight inches                                                               (200 mm)

  Sea trout  – Minimum Ten inches maximum Twenty Three Inches(250 mm- 600mm)

  Salmon    – All salmon must be released with minimum injury and delay


3  The deliberate foul hooking of a fish is an offence.

If a fish is foul hooked then it should be returned to the water as soon as possible with the minimum damage to it.


4  No angler may fish a pool for more than twenty minutes after the approach of another angler who has expressed a wish to fish the pool and waits there to do so.



5  The use of weights within 18 inches (450 mm) of the hook is prohibited.


6  Spinning of any kind during hours of darkness is prohibited.


7  Ffynnon Lloer is designated fly only.  The use of floats and spinning tackle of any description on the lake and Afon Lloer is prohibited.


8  The use of maggots and ground baiting is not allowed on any of the lakes.  On the rivers maggots are only allowed in conjunction with artificial fly and fishing between one hour before sunset and one hour after sunrise.


9  Only 4 fish are to be caught and kept per day on Llyn Ogwen. After keeping 4 fish you must fish with a fly and every fish must be returned. The Association’s bailiffs and Committee members have the right to check the bags and cars of members, after producing identification, and any person refusing will have their membership revoked.


10  The use of a float tube is strictly forbidden upon the Afon Ogwen and Ffynnon Lloer.


11  All anglers must produce a current permit when asked to do so by any member who can show proof of membership or other authority or by the Association’s bailiff.  Anglers must produce an NRW rod licence when asked to do so by an association committee member or NRW bailiff. Any person refusing to do so will be asked to leave the waterside and may have their membership revoked. 


12  The Association cannot be held responsible for any accident, mishap or injury sustained by anglers while fishing or while using the paths, boats and stiles in the vicinity of the rivers and lakes.


13  Anglers are requested to respect the rights of  landowners and tenants by keeping to the recognised paths along the riverbanks and to ensure that all gates are closed and secure after use.  They must not be accompanied by a dog and must not cause damage to stiles, fences etc.  Do not park cars on private land without the permission of the landowner.


14  All litter must be taken away from the waterside.


15  Members must observe and adhere to the separate rules concerning use of the boats on Llyn Ogwen.  These are displayed in the boat house.


16  No fishing during hours of darkness on any lake


17  The selling of any fish caught in the Association’s waters is prohibited


18  An individual can assist a member of the Association with their fishing by permission of the Committee only.


19  Individuals are expected to behave in a responsible manner whilst in the vicinity of the Association’s waters. Members are not allowed to interfere with the fish or anglers in any way.


20  If a member breaks one of the Association’s rules then they are  liable to have their membership revoked and may be liable to prosecution and their name will be included on the Genweirwyr Gwynedd Stop List or equivalent. The individual concerned will not be allowed to reapply for membership for a period of time which will be decided by the Committee. Once this period of time has elapsed a written request must be made for renewal of membership. The Association reserves the right to refuse the request.


21. No fishing after 30th of September on that part of the river Ogwen from Pont Ceunant, Tŷ’n y Maes up to Llyn Ogwen.


22  The use of a treble hook larger than size 12 with PowerBait is strictly forbidden. After catching 4 fish you must fish with a fly and every fish must be returned



If witness to any cause of pollution or poaching phone NRW on 0800 807060

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