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Our Lakes

Ogwen Valley Angling Association provides two main river beats each of approximately 2 miles in length double bank fishing. A relatively short river at 7 miles in length, it provides good sea trout fishing throughout with a strong run of salmon and grilse salmon. The association offers angling for wild trout in four upland lakes, the largest and most accessible of which, Llyn Ogwen, is stocked regularly with rainbow trout during the fishing season. Wild brown trout are found in relative abundance in the waters of the main river and its small upland tributaries also which offer adventurous anglers a diversity of challenging environments for small stream angling .The river catchment boasts some of the most celebrated scenery in upland Snowdonia and a diversity of river conditions to tantalize all anglers, from the novice to the experienced rod. As a spate river, rain is rarely frowned upon by anglers in these parts and a rising water is the good omen most anglers relish upon the river, whilst a brighter day and a strong breeze draws rods to the lakes. Whilst some restrictions apply, most angling methods prove successful upon these waters, however as local anglers have often proven, command of varied angling methods and techniques brings reward to anglers willing to vary their tactics.

Llyn Ogwen

LLyn Ogwen is located alongside the A5 between Tryfan and Pen yr Ole Wen and 310m above sea level. A ribbon lake some 1.6km long and 300-400m across, it’s fairy shallow being 3-4m at its deepest. Holds a good number of natural brown trout and it’s stocked regularly throughout the season with rainbow trout of 1-2lb.

Access to the water is fairly easy at several points from the roadside and access to the far side is possible by following the public footpath from Pont y Benglog near the dam end as far as Tal Llyn Ogwen farm at the eastern end of the lake.

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Llyn Idwal

Llyn Idwal located below Y Garn and Glyder Fawr 373m above sea level, approximately 800m long and 300m across, and generally shallow around the perimeter.

Starting at Ogwen Cottage you can walk up a stony path approximately 1km in length in about 20 minutes and there is a good clear path around the lake.


Llyn Bochlwyd

LLyn Bochlwyd is located below Tryfan and Glyder Fach 555m above sea level. Starting at Ogwen Cottage you can walk by following the path towards Idwal but after approximately 500m take the left path and aim for the stream flowing from the lake. The path is steep alongside the stream but do take a few stops to admire the fantastic views and you can reach the lake in 40-45 minutes. 

Natural wild brown trout only in this lake up to 1/2lb but they are strong fish and will give a good fight. A weed grows in some sections but there are plenty of clear areas to fish.

Walking around the lake is challenging because there’s no clear path and there’s thick vegetation mainly heather and bilberry plants as well as large boulders.


Ffynnon Lloer 

Ffynnon Lloer – this is the highest lake at 673m above sea level, a small lake approximately 250 x 150m but it holds excellent natural wild brown trout up to 1lb. Because of its small size the fishing method allowed on this lake is fly only.

To reach the lake start from the A5 and walk in the direction of Tal y Llyn farm and then follow the stream. The path is way-marked in some sections to keep you on the right track and you can reach the lake in 45-60 minutes.

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